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Industry Leading Experts

United Fan has built our reputation manufacturing industry-leading Permanent Magnet EC fan technology in welded frame cubes. Our engineers have worked to combine the best ferrite-assisted synchronous reluctance and permanent magnet technologies, building cost-effective variable speed fan solutions.

We pride ourselves on being the industry-leading manufacturer of IE5+ efficiency next-generation integrated motor-drive EC fan systems.

Our Products

Wall Mount Plenum Fans

Base Mount Plenum Fans

Cube Mount Plenum Fans

SWSI Centrifugal Fan

Axial fans

Why choose United Fan products?

  • Not reliant on rare-earth materials
  • Remote electronics come standard
  • Packaged in familiar a NEMA frame
  • Up to 15% more energy-efficient than conventional EC fans
  • Cost-effective and easy to install

United Fan’s products offer a robust option for those seeking the cost-saving benefits of EC motor technology but without the hassle of issues related to rare earth material availability. Our fans are AMCA rated, fully customizable with a wide range of size and material options, and include cutting-edge control options, perfect for air handling equipment manufacturers and end-users.

Industries Served




Grow Houses

Food Manufacturing

Concert Halls

Manufacturing facilities

Commercial buildings


Residential buildings

Government buildings


Data centers

Office Buildings


Clean Rooms



Currently headquartered in Boston, we are ready to quote your project in days and deliver anywhere in the USA in weeks. Our team has been crafting quality commercial and industrial fans since 1992. We look forward to showing you what we can do on your next project.