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Material shortages and supply line disruptions have created a prime opportunity for sustainable non-rare earth Permanent Magnet EC fans to become the new normal.

United Fan, a leader in Permanent Magnet EC fans technology, today announced their partnership with New Jersey-based Mainstream, a high-tech manufacturer of fan array systems.

Permanent magnet EC motors like those made by United Fan were already poised to take the place of rare earth EC motors in HVAC systems, but the recent material shortages and supply line disruptions of German EC motor and fan suppliers have accelerated this transition and created a significant market opportunity.

With the lead times of traditionally EC fans imported from Germany climbing up to 30 – 40 weeks, and the ever-present threat of tariff increases, it was important for Mainstream to find USA-based high-efficiency fan suppliers for their in-demand IntelliCUBE product line. United Fan’s ability to guarantee quick delivery of reliable, energy-efficient fan with next-generation permanent magnet EC motors made them a perfect match for Mainstream.

“We built our reputation manufacturing and delivering quality AHU components as quickly as possible. Supply line disruptions are simply unacceptable in our line of business. Our customers demand and deserve speed,” said Jim Markham, CEO at Mainstream.

“United Fan’s motor technology yields a more energy-efficient profile to that of traditional EC fans. The visual difference between traditional EC Fans and United Fan’s product is that United Fan utilizes an EC motor in a NEMA frame, and separates the electronics from the motor. The technology is essentially the same, but provides the customers with several key advantages – such as higher wire to air efficiencies, the ability to replace electronics without replacing the complete fan, and the ability to remove the electronics heat from the airstream.“

Mainstream has been working with HVAC fan systems for over two decades and continues to remain on the cutting edge, developing ways to refine the process of designing, replacing, and installing fan arrays. With the help of the United Fan partnership, IntelliCUBE fan arrays from Mainstream will continue to allow for expedited retrofitting of air handling units. IntelliCUBE fan arrays with United Fan fans require no maintenance, are significantly quieter than belt-driven fans, and are highly energy efficient. IntelliCUBE fan arrays can be used to replace large, aging, or broken fans with an array of smaller fans that are easier to install and transport.

“I’m really excited about our partnership with United Fan,” said Markham. “EC motor technology has been around since the 1960s, and has been used in HVAC applications going back to the late 1980s. Although it is undeniable that much improvement on these early designs has been achieved, United Fan’s fans with permanent magnet ferrite core motors take EC fan efficiency to a level not previously reached, and without reliance on rare earth material.”

Offering a wide range of industrial quality Permanent Magnet EC Fans, and the ability to have fans delivered in days, United Fan has become the prime choice for commercial and industrial air handlers applications.

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