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Our Motors

At United Fan, we are proud to offer our clients a variety of efficient, next-generation integrated motor-drive EC fan systems. Learn more about each of the solutions we offer below.

AC Induction Motors

  • Standard
    • IE3
  • Benefits
    • Long established technology
    • Replaceable and servable components
    • Abundant supply
  • Limitations
    • Low efficiency at part load
    • Requires maintenance
    • Requires VFD
    • Noisey
    • Average power and torque density

EC Motors

  • Standard
    • IE4-IE5
  • Benefits
    • Highly efficient at part load
    • No maintenance required
    • No VFD required
    • Require less space lengthwise
    • Excellent power and torque density
  • Limitations
    • Poor availability currently
    • Components can not be individually replaced

PM EC Motors

  • Standard
    • IE5+
  • Benefits
    • Excellent full range efficiency
    • Smaller than traditional AC motors
    • Replaceable and servable components
    • Readily available, no rare earth materials required
  • Limitations
    • Not as compact as conventional EC motors