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Types of Fans

United Fan offers next-generation fan systems for all applications.

Wall Mount Plenum Fans

  • Combines American quality with the latest in European impeller technology to create the most efficient plenum fan on the market
  • Welded aluminum airfoil impeller suitable for very high RPMs (4,000 RPM on 18”)
  • Lightweight construction for direct mounting to bulkhead panels
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Wall Mount Plenum Fan Data Sheet

Base Mount Plenum Fans

  • Arrangement 4 direct drive construction
  • All welded, high efficiency, non-overloading aluminum wheel as standard
  • High-temperature version with motor isolated from the air stream
  • Custom Footprint available for use as exact match replacements
  • Welded aluminum or steel airfoil impeller suitable for high pressures
  • Shortest length fan in the market for tight air handler spaces
  • Up to 73” diameter, 170,000 CFM and up to 16” static pressure (per fan)

Cube Mount Plenum Fans

  • Welded, Stackable cubes (steel or aluminum)
  • Variable aspect ratio to match any size air handler (variable in .5” increments)
  • Available as complete kits including hardware, safing system for finish of the edges and prewired whips
  • Optional insulated side panels with acoustic fill
  • Up to 14” static pressure

SWSI Centrifugal Fan

  • All aspects of Base mount plenum with a scroll housing
  • Continuously welded scroll housing available in carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel

Axial Fans

  • High-efficiency modular propellers
  • EC Motors with remote electronics
  • Available in vertical airflow configuration (condensers) or horizontal (wall mount exhaust or supply)
  • Wide range of accessories including louvers, dampers, wall mount sleeves, controls, and guarding

UF Wireless Monitoring

  • Cloud-based IOT Platform for remote monitoring of fan systems called “U360”
  • Provides the user with real-time management and control of their United fan systems including historical data, current operating state, predictive maintenance indicators (heat, vibration, overcurrent)  and more 
  • End to End security for data protection and access control
  • Alarm notification via email, SMS and messenger services


Remote electronics offers significant improvements over existing EC Fan technology:

  • Removes the heat rejected by the electronics from the airstream
  • Allows impeller, motor, or electronics to be replaced independently of each other vs replacing a complete fan as the market has become used to.
  • Removes electronics from proximity to airstream heat and humidity, and motor vibrations.
  • Maintains the simplicity of ECM motor control via simple 0-10v control signal vs programming and startup of VFDs
  • Increases fan efficiency by removing the motor from impeller inlet as is seen in European ECM designs
  • The longer shaft length of United Fans EC motors provides greater impeller stability and greater L10 bearing life compared to German ECM technology

Fan Controls

  • Complete control system including fans, whips and control panel
  • Power panel includes main disconnects, motor protection, remote electronics for ECM motors
  • BACnet or Modbus communication as standard

AirFlow Monitoring System

  • Accuracy to 3%
  • Non-invasive probes mean no increase in fan energy consumption or sound levels
  • Electronics package includes visual flow confirmation & BACnet communication

Currently headquartered in Boston, we are ready to quote your project in days and deliver anywhere in the USA in weeks. Our team has been crafting quality commercial and industrial fans since 1992. We look forward to showing you what we can do on your next project.